New Life into Old Clubs – Golf club refinishing

We’ve all been there! Trying to buy a golf game by investing in the newest and latest clubs on the market.

For me it has always been drivers and putters. For sure, we can all see an improvement just from the confidence boost that the shiny new toy gives us, but the first time it lets you down, you start to question whether you should bring out the old faithful that served you well all those years ago.

All the bad shots are forgotten, just the good ones remembered and there’s a voice in our head asking why we ever consigned it to the garage or cupboard. You go rushing to find it, then you realize just how much use it really had. Its looking a bit worse for wear.

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Golf Launch Monitors – Available on your phone?

Golf Launch Monitors are undoubtedly fantastic devices to help you learn about and improve your game. We’ve never had such access to data, whether its for working on your swing, club fitting or just gapping clubs to understand how far each one goes.

The problem is that they are expensive devices that require a monitor and a dedicated space to use them in right?

Or just maybe your mobile device can become its very own Golf Launch Monitor!

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The Perfect Golf Club?

In an earlier post on custom fitting, I talked about the future of custom fitting and what it could look like with the introduction of Biomatch Swing weights by Rational Golf.

The concept intrigued me enough have a look into Biomatching a bit deeper. I remain somewhat skeptical about it, but there does seem logic in the theory and if the advantages are genuinely there, there is no question that it will be a huge benefit.

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Grip Master Golf Grips – new old technology

Last weekend I went to Lytham St Annes to watch the Seniors Open Championship. Its great to watch the legends of the game play and to see how impressive they still are.

Retief Goosen & Fred Couples both still flying the ball 330 yards through the air. The way they are so accurate, we talk about shaping shots, but most of the time their ball flights don’t really deviate more than a few yards. Short games so reliably impressive it’s a surprise when they drop a shot.

A big difference to the main tour was seeing them on the practice ground. The Tour vans had left. You don’t see a line of golf coaches with tablets in their hand reading trackman data, in fact I didn’t see a single Launch Monitor at all. That’s not to say than I didn’t see any innovation.

In fact the one I saw most consistently was a bit of a surprise in than it was the humble golf grip. Most notably the Grip Master Grip.

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Seemore Putters – a new discovery

Seemore Putters have been around for a while. In fact, they first came to prominence in 1999 when Payne Stewart holed the longest winning putt in USA history and also had the best final round putting performance in US open history with his Seemore Putter.

Whilst they have been around for in excess of 20 years now, they still seem to be a kind of insiders secret in the golfing world. In fact its only in the past couple of weeks that I have put one of their putters into my golf bag, and its for this reason that I want to share their RST technology and how it can help your game!

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Golf Practice Nets – The Backyard Driving Range

Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive.

With time so precious in this day and age, it’s not always feasible to get to the golf course or the driving range.

If like me you need your daily fix a Golf Practice Net could be just to solution.

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SkyTrak Golf – The Perfect practise simulator?

To continue my reintroduction to the game, I revisited one of my old coaches who has worked with LPGA and European tour players. When I arrived at his golf academy it was December, bucketing it down with rain, and blowing an absolute gale. As I approached the pro-shop my only thought was, “I hope this isn’t going to be outside!”

Much to my delight he said we were going into his swing studio, which turned out to be a large log cabin with and indoor putting green and two practice mats and nets. After a few warm up shots, he said we’d put a few on camera and then he produced a little black box that he positioned to the side on the mat. Suddenly a little red laser dot appeared on the mat and he told me to put the ball on the dot. I swung away and then he told me to look at the TV screen behind me, and there was the simulated flight of my shot tracing on screen.

This was my introduction to the Skytrak Golf simulator!

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Tag Heuer Connected Golf- smartwatch app

I have previously explored the idea of GPS golf apps and their place versus range finders or traditional yardage charts. Having always used Golf Shot previously, I recently discovered that Tag Heuer has developed an app to use with the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch.

I never normally wear a watch of any description when playing, but as an owner of a Tag Connected I thought I’d venture out for 9 holes last night and give it a go.

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Golf Ball Flights, new laws explored.

So I recently had another lesson, (old habits die hard) and once again I’m not getting enough rotation through the ball.

The problem is that the more I try to rotate through impact the further left I hit it, so based on my golf ball flights, my swing path must be out to in, right?

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Golf Club Fitting – a fresh start

So as a former professional I was fortunate to have benefited from equipment contracts from Top-Flite and Mizuno. With this background I thought I knew my spec. Swingweight D2, standard lie, 1/4 inch longer with dynamic gold S300 shafts and 2 layers of tape under a standard grip.

Why then when I came back to golf in 2018 wasn’t I hitting my distance numbers. Sure swing speed will have dropped over 10 years plus of not playing, but with all this development in equipment and the ball, why am I shorter now than I have ever been.

It’s time for a Golf Club Fitting.

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