Golf Ball Flights, new laws explored.

So I recently had another lesson, (old habits die hard) and once again I’m not getting enough rotation through the ball.

The problem is that the more I try to rotate through impact the further left I hit it, so based on my golf ball flights, my swing path must be out to in, right?

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Golf Club Fitting – a fresh start

So as a former professional I was fortunate to have benefited from equipment contracts from Top-Flite and Mizuno. With this background I thought I knew my spec. Swingweight D2, standard lie, 1/4 inch longer with dynamic gold S300 shafts and 2 layers of tape under a standard grip.

Why then when I came back to golf in 2018 wasn’t I hitting my distance numbers. Sure swing speed will have dropped over 10 years plus of not playing, but with all this development in equipment and the ball, why am I shorter now than I have ever been.

It’s time for a Golf Club Fitting.

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Golf Yardage Devices – is the yardage chart dead?

Professionals Yardage Chart

So one of the first things I noticed when returning to Golf last year is that almost every playing partner was constantly looking at their watch, or using a range finder on every shot.

I was playing the way I knew, pacing distances off markers and playing to what I could see, viewing these new devices with disdain.

But the more competitive I wanted to become the more I started to wonder,

How many shots per round could a Golf Yardage Device actually save me?

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