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Hi and welcome to Golf Innovation. A site dedicated to the latest innovations in the world of golf, designed to help your game.

With all the equipment available today from flight scopes to mobile phone apps, we want to provide information and reviews on how you can use these developments to enjoy your game.


Hi, my name is Jon and like many junior golfers in the 1980’s & 1990s I had aspirations of becoming the next Nick Faldo.

In 1995, I turned professional and following limited success on the UK mini Tours I became and assistant PGA professional at The Belfry from 1996-1999.

During this time I tried to develop my game working with Tour coaches Nick Bradley, Hugh Marr and Ian Godleman in the quest for the perfect Golf Swing, but ultimately the more I played swing, the less I actually played golf.

In 2004, I’d had enough. I reached the final Qualifiers for the British Open where I finished last, and then I put the clubs down. I mean really down!

My family interests took over, I started to do a few triathlons and I didn’t touch a club until May 2018. It was during a weekend back at the Belfry when a friend persuaded me onto the course that I found some enjoyment in chasing this white object around a piece of land again.

I’d got the bug again!

I joined my local golf club, regained a respectable 3 handicap and soon realized just how much this game has changed over a decade.

My clubs were outdated, my swing considered old-fashioned, I was playing to what I could see whilst everyone around me were using range finders and GPS devices. I had a club fitting and suddenly it’s all smash factors, launch angles and spin rates.

Its time to get with the times!


So now understanding that I was disadvantaging myself, I have started the journey of modernizing my game.

From a club fitting at Ping on Trackman, to lessons using SkyTrak, trying to build a modern golf swing, my aim is that in the process of re-educating myself, I can share this learning with you, providing an understanding of what is available to assist with your game too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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