Golf Launch Monitors – Available on your phone?

Golf Launch Monitors are undoubtedly fantastic devices to help you learn about and improve your game. We’ve never had such access to data, whether its for working on your swing, club fitting or just gapping clubs to understand how far each one goes.

The problem is that they are expensive devices that require a monitor and a dedicated space to use them in right?

Or just maybe your mobile device can become its very own Golf Launch Monitor!

Shot Vision – Golf Launch Monitor

I’ve just been introduced to Shot Vision, which is an app on your mobile phone that transforms it into a golf launch monitor. Shot Vision claims to be the first true golf launch monitor on a mobile device. I certainly haven’t come across another so I don’t dispute this.

Using state-of-the-art technology Shot Vision detects and calculates data points such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry and total distance as well as height of ball flight.

For the first time, golf launch monitor features are accessible to every golfer.

I just had to test this out, because this could completely change the landscape of the game and provide us golfers with instant feedback to help is get the most from our game.

Features and Functions

So when you download the app, you will have to create and account and you can choose between using the app for free or subscribing to unlock the pr features, which will cost you £37.99 per year or £6.49 per month.

These pro features include access to Practice mode to work on specific club and target combinations

Gap mode to track your averages for every club in the bag

Challenges to compete in and rank on leader boards to win prizes.

Not wanting to commit until I tried it I went for the free option and you can then input your profile, Name, age, handicap and choose imperial or metric distance settings.

So not being able to participate in the 60 yard pitch, 120 yard approach, or Full send long drive challenge, I tried the “Quickshot” mode which is all you can use for free, and is a practice mode that doesn’t save any data.

Using the Shot Vision Launch Monitor

Using the app is actually quite simple. Select the quickshot mode and you are taken to a screen that asks you to select between indoor or outdoor. You can choose the club you are using, the altitude you are at, then there are 2 toggles, “voice feedback” and “left-handed mode”.

Make your choices then press start. You then get instructions on how to set up your phone to use it as a launch monitor.

Simply position your phone on the ground (stood up on its side edge) 2 yards to the outside of your left foot, and 4 yards behind the ball as shown below.

You then need lean the phone back a bit ( it does need propping up) and the screen instantly changes into camera mode, then press the “start” button.

There is then quite a long pause before you will hear a voice say “ready” then swing away. After each shot you get voice feedback on distance and height. You can also view on screen the carry distance, ball speed, launch angle, total distance, club speed and spin rate.

How good is Shot Vision

I so wanted to like this app, no love this app, it’s like a gift from heaven, but sadly the accuracy is just not there. Taking my iPhone 8 to the course and using the app out there by propping my phone up on tee markers felt like I could really get a great understanding on my game. The first time I tried it was a 6 iron tee shot, downwind and downhill, so it could be forgiven for announcing a carry distance of 180 yards when in fact it was closer to 210 yards.

Unfortunately it started to unravel on the next tee shot. A Driver slightly into the breeze and over a crest. It announced a clubhead speed of just 78 mph and a carry distance of 178 yards??? I may not quite of struck it but the end result was a 265yard Drive and it didn’t run 90 yards.

Okay lets try again, this time a clubhead speed of 95 MPH, but a carry distance or 220 yards. Again I watched my ball sail through the air pitching past 245 yards and run out another 20 yards. To be sure I tracked this shot with the Tag Golf app and sure enough 265 yards.

At this point I gave up and thought I’d try again on the driving range, so this morning I went to the practice ground and warmed up, thought I’d get some real use from this app, but sadly it isn’t compatible with my I-phone 6.

So unless you have a newer handset than an I-phone 6S you can’t use it, and in my experience when you do it just isn’t accurate enough.

Sadly a disappointing outcome for what I thought could be the perfect Golf Launch Monitor. I hope this progresses and would love to hear of your experiences with this app too. Please leave your comments below.

8 thoughts on “Golf Launch Monitors – Available on your phone?”

  1. When I first came across it, I had no idea a feature like this could be available on a phone or device, and like you, I think I was expecting a lot. I had heard of it’s left-handed feature as well and was expecting that to work well for me. Like you, I was also let down, it is unfortunate that these monitors haven’t reached their full potential yet. That being said, the idea is there and maybe someone along the line will perfect it? On the other hand, part of me likes to think that when it comes to any kind of sport, relying on new-age technology is kind of a no-go. Maybe the classic way of going about it is best.

  2. What a clever idea. Golf Launch Monitors will make the game of golf so much more cutting edge. How can one fail to improve one’s game if one has such awesome technology in hand?

    I see that there are lots of devices and watches coming out for this purpose too, but I am sure it will be a lot cheaper if you can just load the app onto your phone. Also, less cumbersome as you won’t have so much gear to carry around anymore.

  3. Wow, it’s really unfortunate that this didn’t work out for you. Perhaps it is because translating the technology to the phone is so new? Maybe with future updates to the app, it will give more accurate readings. As it stands now, that would be a lot of money to put out, either each month or each year, for an app that can’t accurately track what it says it will. I think it would be a smart decision to wait and see what future attempts will bring. 

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Your welcome Steve, and I agree there’s no point in subscribing to get inaccurate data. Especially when I would have to upgrade my phone handset to get it too.

  4. This is really amazing just as you have said. When I also found out that golf launch monitors are now on mobile phones, I felt happy and glad that one could begun ti practice and become better with this great improvement in technology. When my partner told me about it I felt I need ti set a target for myself to start practising until I started to assess the app and found out its not efficient,I felt disappointed. I hope it is upgraded and remodified. Nice post 

    1. Thanks Willy, its reassuring to know that it’s not just me having difficulties with it, but disappointing that such a great concept has such significant shortcomings. 

  5. Thankyou, great review. So, does it just give you your status by the launch camera, or is there some kind of sensor on the ball? Either way its a very cool and useful product. You can gain feedback on the exact stats of your golf swings, and have some metrics for improving your game. 

    That’s nice that they have a free version you can start with. It gives you some functionality, to test the app, without giving everything away, which is good. People will probably enjoy it and want to upgrade to premium. This will boost everyone’s golf enjoyment. 

    Thanks for your expertise on the great game of golf. 

    1. It just uses the camera on the phone with normal golf balls. This makes it so useable but I guess also where the inaccuracies come in as it combines this with algorithms to produce the data.

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