Golf Practice Nets – The Backyard Driving Range

Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive.

With time so precious in this day and age, it’s not always feasible to get to the golf course or the driving range.

If like me you need your daily fix a Golf Practice Net could be just to solution.

Golf Practice Nets

There are so many golf practice nets available at different budgets and standards of quality, how do you choose?

Firstly, do you want a permanent feature build with a large metal frame that once in position will remain there?

Secondly what kind of shots are you trying to practice and how much space do you have?

Are you going to use it indoors or outdoors? What kind of practice balls do you intend to use, proper golf balls or restricted flight practice balls?

When creating my home set up I decided on the Longridge Quad, mainly because it’s a pop-up net so I can quickly put it up when I want to use it and I can put it away easily too.

Product Description

Foldable construction and travel bag makes traveling and versatility easy

Built-in ground sheet and metal poles ensure rigid set-up

Built size reaches L121cm x W213cm H213

Elevate your driving like the pros with this Longridge Quad Driving Net. Ideal for practicing in the garden or when the rain hits and you’re stuck in the golf club, the net comes with a 60cm target, 4 pegs and a carry bag.

How Easy is it to Use?

The Quad Golf Practice Net is very easy to use, as mentioned above it comes in a fold-away bag. Simply take it out of the bag and the net pops into shape as shown in the image below.

Now you simply put in the poles (2 on each side) which are like a tent frame and the structure has it’s shape and is ready to stand up.

Stand it up and peg it into the ground front and rear.

Next peg out the shank (sorry I know it’s a taboo word) side net.

Finally, add your target canvas and it’s ready to go.


So far |I’ve been using this for 4 months now probably every other day. I’ve been hitting full shots with 5,6, & 7 irons. The net has proven to be very robust, and every time it returns the ball to me.

I also haven’t been sparing any horses. Now I know there will be many of you with greater club head speed than me, but I’m no slouch. I carry 7 iron 170 yards with circa 90mph club head speed.


There is no sign of wear, or of the ball penetrating the net.

I would be confident enough to hit Driver into it, but I’m using it for swing technique so have never used woods in my garden yet.


Putting the Quad Practice Net away is just as quick. It does take some getting used to at first.

Remove the pegs and poles, lay it on it’s back then the fun starts. You need to grab the top left corner and bring it over to the bottom right corner.

Now holding the two corners together with your left hand, grab the side with your right hand and pull under your left hand. Basically it coils up and folds into itself to coil into a circle shape that fits bag into the bag.

You can be more aggressive with it than you first think and once mastered this is actually just a 30-second job.

The Verdict

I love this bit of kit. Combined with my Forb practice mat I can (and have) spend hours hitting balls, working on my swing thoughts and feelings.

The fact that I can’t see ball flight is both and advantage and disadvantage.

I don’t get the reassurance that swing changes are working because I can’t see the result. On the other hand that also means I can commit to the feeling, exaggerating it hard as the only feedback I get is the feel of impact.

Very impressive and incredibly versatile, this could easily be used as an Indoor Golf Practice Net too.

At a relatively low cost, I now have an at home practice facility available whenever I wish. Combined with the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor which I have written about in another post, this would be an incredible set-up.

Click Here to see the vast range of Golf Practice Nets available and good practicing.

To go the whole way and build a full golf simulator click here to see a complete skytrak based solution.

6 thoughts on “Golf Practice Nets – The Backyard Driving Range”

  1. This is a very good review and I’m glad I read it. Well I’m not much of a golf fan but I was looking for a good gift for my dad who really loves golfing and i  think this one is just perfect for him. Seeing that it is easy to set up and easy to put away Is a good thing. Might not be the adequate practice but atleast he would have a feel of playing golf just in his own house. Thanks for this, I’ll check out which products are the best in the next post.

    1. Appreciate your comments. Your right it will never replace seeing the actual ball flight but for those of us who don’t have the benefit of 200yard backyards it’s a great substitute.

  2. Wow, excellent insights into this exceptional golf practice net. I just started my training as a golfer and I was told to get one of these to help me more with my swing and speed so I decided to read more on it and I can say, this seems like a total package that would go a long way to helping anyone get started with golfing or also help professionals get better. Thanks for this brilliant post, I will surely try the practice net out

  3. Hi your review on golf practice net is very unique and I love it, I have just meet my coach in golf last week that I will be starting my golf training and reading your post at the right time will help improve more in my golf training, I will be getting one through the link on your website and I will also share and tag my coach your website on my social media so that he can recommend for his students.

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