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We all want feedback when working on our golf swing. The ball flight is traditionally our best form of feedback, because it reacts to swing path and clubface, but we all know in golf that “what we feel” and “what we do” are more often than not very different.

We can’t have a coach standing alongside us all day so the next best thing is video feedback. With the advent of smartphones we don’t need expensive cameras anymore, but unless we are fortunate enough to practice with a friend or have a partner willing to stand next to us for hours how do we capture decent footage?

Mobile Phone Holder

Now let’s be honest mobile phone holders are not a new concept. There are myriads of tripods holders and devices available to hold our mobile phone in a position that allows us to collect swing footage.

The reality for me though is when I go to the practice ground I already have a bag of clubs, a bag of practice balls, alignment sticks (in my case old shafts) so I really don’t want to be lugging around another piece of kit.

Also at the practice ground there are no chairs or other pieces of furniture that I can use to put my phone on.

I was really at the point with my game of needing to see what’s going on in my action so I just purchased the XLHVTERLI Golf Phone Holder from amazon and below is my review.

XLHVTERLI Golf Mobile Phone Holder

So here it is. As you can see in the picture it’s small and compact and comes in it’s own carry pouch which I leave in my golf bag.

Assembly is very quick and easy, simple push the ball into the socket, then tighten the screw.

Now you have a mobile phone holder that can be clamped to a golf shaft or alignment stick. The clamp has a rubber grommet to prevent damage to your shafts and it has a number of size fittings for different clamping options.

Cleverly designed you can clamp it to the shaft of a wood that’s in your golf bag and then phone itself can be rotated or tilted to any angle allowing use absolutely anywhere.

As you can see in my images I clamp it onto the grip of an old shaft which I push into the ground behind me to capture video.

The beauty is that I can play back whilst the phone is still in situ, then capture more content.

Mobile phone playback

There is a wide and comprehensive selection of mobile apps available for golf swing recording and currently I’m using “Swing Profile” which I may review later. What I really like about this mobile phone holder though is I can record, play back instantly in slow motion, review, then immediately walk back to the next ball and capture anew feeling to see what swing impact it’s having.

This cheap little gadget has completely transformed my ability to practice and in just two sessions my ball striking because I’m getting instant feedback and can make necessary adjustments.

Love it!

The quality is robust and I can’t see this wearing or breaking unless I’m too heavy-handed with it, but at just £10.99 I’ll buy another one.

To get yours I have created a link on the image below.





Let me know how you get on with it, it’s a game changer!

10 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Holder”

  1. This is brilliant! As an amateur golfer I will admit my swing is not the greatest – having that constant feedback without the need to pester your golfing buddies would be great! I’m definitely going to look into this. Did you mention the cost somewhere in your post? I might have missed it. 

  2. Isnt it a bit ridiculous that i have not heard about the mobile phone holder? Well, it might not be because i am an amateur to this but you have also explained what it is and how to make use of it. It is really good and very easy to set up too. I am sure this will make me look a little more proffesional too. LOL. I will grab this because even you have made use of it. Thanks

  3. I always wondered when will technology actually get with golf. Soccer and cricket all have technology used to play the game and see how things are done and help you. This holder is also perfect because its tall and really firm so your phone won’t fall. Really nice article on the phone holder. Will definitely look to get one in the future. 

  4. A really excellent idea, and personally I’d never thought about capturing my swing in a phone video format, to discover mistakes at a later date! 

    I can’t call myself a avid golfer, but myself and my close friends do enjoy the game and have had our far share of lessons on the course…we’re still not very good though! 

    Can this holder stand up to poor weather conditions – I’m based in Wales so I’m used to playing a round in relatively poor weather?

  5. Everybody loves to have a record of our finest times and there’s nothing that thrills people more than when they engage in sporting activities. Golfing has grown in interest over the past decades and the misconception that it is an elderly sport has been put to bed since. When trying to record your golf swing, it usually comes with much difficulty as the golf center facilities doesn’t put that much into consideration. Unless you have someone to hold your phone and record your swinging action, it will be a monumental task to get it right on your own. However, with a mobile phone holder, you’ll be able to record your golf swing action with ease and get the perfect angle you want. 

  6. Hello Jon, a very cool and comprehensive post you have here. Golfing is one very exciting activity most people, as there are some people who uses it as a means of relaxation. However, catching a view of oneself when you make that perfect swing is n experience we all want to have. Having such device would be very useful as it can be easily arranged. I’ll love to have one for myself.

  7. Oh this is very great. I really like the way you have given the information about the phone mobile holder. My dad also makes use of the phone holder whenever he is going to play golf on his leisure. He is quite the veteran from playing over the years. Now i understand why  he uses it. Maybe someday when i decide to start going with him, i can also make use of it.

  8. Oh Jon this is amazing, I know this will be a great benefit to my friend who always uses feedback as an excuse to get me to go golfing with him.

    I don’t blame him though as he is just a newbie and wants to get every feedback he can to help improve his moves.

    I know he will love this mobile phone holder a lot, especially with the cost being so low, and it isn’t even bulky.

    Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful.


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