Seemore Putters – a new discovery

Seemore Putters have been around for a while. In fact, they first came to prominence in 1999 when Payne Stewart holed the longest winning putt in USA history and also had the best final round putting performance in US open history with his Seemore Putter.

Whilst they have been around for in excess of 20 years now, they still seem to be a kind of insiders secret in the golfing world. In fact its only in the past couple of weeks that I have put one of their putters into my golf bag, and its for this reason that I want to share their RST technology and how it can help your game!

What is RST Technology?

RST means riflescope technology.

It is a very effective way to ensure that the putter face is square to the target line, so you are perfectly aimed.

It ensures that the putter face is square throughout the stroke minimizing pushes and pulls.

RST  ensures that the loft of the putter is presented back to the ball consistently so you get a consistent roll on the ball.

RST also encourages you to set up with square shoulders, feet and hips to your intended target line every time increasing consistency.

Riflescope technology consists of a red dot and two white lines that when positioned properly with the bottom part of the putter shaft, just like a shooter, uses two points of reference helping the golfer to ensure that everything is set-up squarely to the intended target line.

Using Seemore Putters

Firstly take a comfortable posture with your arms hanging naturally and then aim the target line on the putter at your intended target.

Next make sure the red dot is covered by the bottom of the shaft, so all that is visible is the two white lines on either side of the shaft.

Now make your putting stroke and ensure that the red dot doesn’t become visible at any point.

If you see the red dot then the hands or wrists have become involved and your putter face is now longer square to your swing path and you are not longer using a perfect pendulum stroke.


My Experience of the Seemore Putter.

My putting has always been an inconsistent part of my game, even when I was playing at my best, I would always feel like I’d left some shots out there on the greens. I decided I wanted a new putter to gain the confidence boost that a new club can give you, and I was still using a Wilson TPA putter from the late 1980s.

Initially looking at the usual suspects like Taylor Made and Odyssey, (can’t justify in my own mind the price of a Scotty Cameron), I recently joined a new golf club and they had the Seemore in the pro shop.

I didn’t like the head shape of the original Seemore Blade so would never have picked one up, but now they do a Mallet and I like the smaller head compared to most mallet style putters on the market today.

It feels really well-balanced. (It’s not face balanced at impact) RST also has maximum heel and toe weighting due to the cut out on the back giving even more forgiveness.

Swinging the putter felt great and the impact feels soft even without a face insert. My TPA sometimes felt like the ball jumped off the face, so already I’m getting a good feeling from it.

What was strange and took some getting used to, was the lie angle compared to my previous putters. I like an upright putter so that my eyes are over the ball to target line and my wrists are high to minimize wrist break.

Because of the RST technology I actually feel like I’m stood inside the ball to target line and swinging much more on an in-to-in path. This takes some getting used to.

The proof though is in the results and right out of the blocks I’m holing out some very good putts. The ones I missed are due to pace, or not trusting my read when I’m stood over the ball and then adjusting the aim before pulling the trigger. Every time the read was right and I’ve missed low side.

Before putting the Seemore in my bag, my bad putt was a push when the right hand would dominate the stroke and hold the blade open at impact. I haven’t hit one of these in 3 weeks now. The roll is very good and the ball stays true to the target line.

I’m still making the odd three putt, but I have real confidence in my aim and stroke now, my misses are genuinely poor pace or a misread! Can’t blame the tools for these.

The Seemore Putter Range

There are now 39 right-handed putters in the range and 21 left-handed models. These range from Broomstick through mallets to blades, with standard or offset shafts.

There are a number of finishes from black anti-glare to platinum and copper. Each putter can be custom fit to length, lie, grip and you can even add a 30 gram or 50 gram counter weight under the grip if desired.

Every putter features the RST technology.

They are priced at $200 which positions them very well in this competitive market too. It represents good value for money and places them at an advantageous price point to the main equipment brand manufacturers.


To putt well we all need to get 4 things right.

1.) We need a good setup

2.) We need to have a good stroke

3.) We need to get the right speed

4.) We need the right direction.

The SeeMore Putters help with all 4 of these elements and make the first two almost automatic. I have been aware of them for a while but its only now that I used one that I can really see how effective the Riflecsope technology is and how such a simple concept can have so much influence over how well we can perform.

I have stopped worrying about stroke mechanics and just focus on speed and line now. That in itself has made putting much more fun.

Now I can see a few dropping too I’m actually enjoying getting the short stick out of the bag.

5 thoughts on “Seemore Putters – a new discovery”

  1. Hey there,

    That was a greatly written article. I’m not a golfer, but I am not opposed to the sport. Even so, this info on seemore putters has been very insightful. Thank you for that. I also enjoy your writing style. It makes it very easy to read and to understand what your conveying. I appreciate that. What would you suggest for a beginner to get into golfing? I have a golf course down the road from my house. The only experience I have is mini-golfing though. Thank you, Eddie 

    1. Hi Eddie, for anyone starting out the best thing you can do early is get some instruction. No need to spend loads, but its the most unnatural sport to learn and once swing habits are ingrained they are hard to change. Its unnatural because its the only bat and ball game with a stationary object ball (therefore there’s no reflex reaction) and you tend not to practice in the environment you perform in. I mean you practice on the range not the course. Get the fundamentals of stance posture right and you’ll pick it up in no time.

      Most of all – enjoy it!

  2. Wow!  Thank you for explaining this piece of kit to me in a way that I can understand.  I have seen people use these at the club where I play and although I kind of understand what the purpose is, I was never fully certain of how they actually work and frankly, I felt a bit silly asking.  Also the guys at my club are kinda jokey, especially when there are women on the fairway and I have a suspicion that if I asked how it worked I would probably have got, shall we say, a less than truthful answer!  This is certainly the clearest, simplest explanation of how the Seemore putter works and how I could maybe use one to improve my game.  Now of course to drop some big hints to my hubby as to what I would like for my upcoming birthday, and when he looks at me quizzically I can explain to him how it works and why he should buy me one.  

    1. Hi Ally, glad its been a help, and I would certainly recommend. When I was playing seriously at the turn of the century, I was sceptical and thought it was a bit gimmicky, but I just didn’t understand, now you couldn’t pay me to take I out of my bag.

  3. Hello Jon!
    Playing golf is a game of patience and also about aiming j think. So I love to see planing this, also fond of playing. Glad to know about Payne Stewart and about his success of having the longest winning putt. I liked your See more Putters as its aiming capacity is so good as you said. Also loved to know about the EST Technology.

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