The Perfect Golf Club?

In an earlier post on custom fitting, I talked about the future of custom fitting and what it could look like with the introduction of Biomatch Swing weights by Rational Golf.

The concept intrigued me enough have a look into Biomatching a bit deeper. I remain somewhat skeptical about it, but there does seem logic in the theory and if the advantages are genuinely there, there is no question that it will be a huge benefit.

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Golf Club Fitting – a fresh start

So as a former professional I was fortunate to have benefited from equipment contracts from Top-Flite and Mizuno. With this background I thought I knew my spec. Swingweight D2, standard lie, 1/4 inch longer with dynamic gold S300 shafts and 2 layers of tape under a standard grip.

Why then when I came back to golf in 2018 wasn’t I hitting my distance numbers. Sure swing speed will have dropped over 10 years plus of not playing, but with all this development in equipment and the ball, why am I shorter now than I have ever been.

It’s time for a Golf Club Fitting.

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