Tag Heuer Connected Golf- smartwatch app

I have previously explored the idea of GPS golf apps and their place versus range finders or traditional yardage charts. Having always used Golf Shot previously, I recently discovered that Tag Heuer has developed an app to use with the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch.

I never normally wear a watch of any description when playing, but as an owner of a Tag Connected I thought I’d venture out for 9 holes last night and give it a go.

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Golf Yardage Devices – is the yardage chart dead?

Professionals Yardage Chart

So one of the first things I noticed when returning to Golf last year is that almost every playing partner was constantly looking at their watch, or using a range finder on every shot.

I was playing the way I knew, pacing distances off markers and playing to what I could see, viewing these new devices with disdain.

But the more competitive I wanted to become the more I started to wonder,

How many shots per round could a Golf Yardage Device actually save me?

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