SkyTrak Golf – The Perfect practise simulator?

To continue my reintroduction to the game, I revisited one of my old coaches who has worked with LPGA and European tour players. When I arrived at his golf academy it was December, bucketing it down with rain, and blowing an absolute gale. As I approached the pro-shop my only thought was, “I hope this isn’t going to be outside!”

Much to my delight he said we were going into his swing studio, which turned out to be a large log cabin with and indoor putting green and two practice mats and nets. After a few warm up shots, he said we’d put a few on camera and then he produced a little black box that he positioned to the side on the mat. Suddenly a little red laser dot appeared on the mat and he told me to put the ball on the dot. I swung away and then he told me to look at the TV screen behind me, and there was the simulated flight of my shot tracing on screen.

This was my introduction to the Skytrak Golf simulator!

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