The Perfect Golf Club?

In an earlier post on custom fitting, I talked about the future of custom fitting and what it could look like with the introduction of Biomatch Swing weights by Rational Golf.

The concept intrigued me enough have a look into Biomatching a bit deeper. I remain somewhat skeptical about it, but there does seem logic in the theory and if the advantages are genuinely there, there is no question that it will be a huge benefit.

Biomatch Theory

So Rational Golf have developed the idea of Biomatching. Biomatching is making every club the same weight when swung, so that your body only has to make on swing, (not 13 different ones) resulting in more consistency and tighter dispersion patterns.

Mass (the weight of an object) affects how it moves when swung – which in turn affects ball flight!

A heavy club causes the hand speed to decrease, therefore the clubhead overtakes the hands closing the face resulting in a shot that misses the target left. (For a right-handed golfer). Conversely, too light a club causes miss-hits to the right. By having different weighted clubs in the bag you are subconsciously learning different compensations in your golf swing motions to adapt to that particular club weight.

There is a specific weight for each of your clubs that will allow you to make the same consistent swing through the bag creating consistent ball flights without the need to make any compensations to steer each club differently. The BioMatch Algorithm does that by calculating the optimum weight for each of your clubs.

There we are “the perfect golf club”

Your Biomatch Report

There are authorized BioMatch fitting centers and approved distributors around the world, but whilst I’m curious I didn’t want to pay £200 to go and have the measurements done. Luckily you can go onto the Rational Golf website and create a log-on.

From here you input your personal details which includes you weight and height information along with your percentage body fat. Next you input your club details. That is for each club its weight (scales required) its length and its lie angle.

The fitting centers then use a machine that will measure the clubs MOIG (moment of interia around the grip), however the website will use an algorithm to guess this based on the club data you input.

It also estimates your grip weight and clubhead weight, and I was happy to go with this rather than take my clubs to bits to validate.

Once you input all your data you press a button to get your report and this is where you are asked to part with some money. $25 gets you a weeks access to edit data and view your report. $40 for an annual membership to edit clubs and access reports or $55 for lifetime membership.

The Report Output

So here is my report output. It starts with a summary of the existing personal and club data.

Next is a table of my calculated Biomatch results.

There’s then a comparison table

Finally, and most importantly is the table of recommended back weights required to achieve the Perfect Golf Club.

Backweight Installation

So now I have a table of recommended weights and I can buy these from the shop along with some installation tools. The back weights vary in price and for my set I’ll be looking at $170 including shipping to the UK.

Installation looks straight forward so I if I order them I will fit them myself. You have a tool to cut out the top of the grip. The backweight is then pushed into the shaft and is tightened in place with an Allen Key so that it doesn’t move around or rattle.

Decision Time

So I have my report and recommendations, but I haven’t ordered my back weights yet. I think there must be something to this and the theory makes sense, however I still have enough doubt to stop me committing to spending the money.

If the benefits are genuine and as significant as claimed (40% improvement in accuracy and dispersement) then this is genuinely the best kept secret in golf and all the manufacturers are letting us consumers down by pushing us into the traditional fitting methodology to boost their sales of the latest club models.

I’ve decided to let you steer my decision. Should you want to know more, then comment below and I will go all in and write a further review on how they affect the club feel, my swing and ultimately performance.

Should you just want to discuss the topic further then again please comment below.

I hope this has been informative in the least. Happy Golfing!

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  1. Excellent overview you have up here concerning the best and perfect golf clubs. Though I got into this post majorly out of curiosity. But I’m glad I did since I got so much information that is very worthwhile. However, I don’t play the sport of golf but I have a brother who does and I will definitely suggest this post to him. I really hope it will help him to develop his game more than he is right now. Thanks

  2. Hi, your post is very unique and educating, I have learnt the secret behind success in golfing, I have been planning to start golfing next month which I have discussed with my coach, to help me succeed you have just discuss what I need to succeed at golfing. I will be sharing and tagging my coach your website so that he can also benefit from it..

  3. Great article and very informative,thanks  because authorized BioMatch fitting centers and approved distributors around the world,and actual website to do the measurements.From your article I learnt that there were different compensations in the golf swing motions,Biomatching is making every club the same weight when swung,this article really educate meThanks for sharing

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